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What is Reflexology

Reflexology is the ancient form of complementary therapy and takes into account the whole person – body, mind and spirit. Reflexology is the technique of applying gentle pressure on the reflex points of the hands and feet that are thought to correspond with organs, glands and structures around the body. Reflexology brings about a state of deep relaxation, stimulates the body’s healing processes and encourages the body to work naturally restoring its own healthy balance. So many people benefit from reflexology and find relief from a range of acute and chronic conditions.

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What Does It Do

Reflexology improves nerve and blood supply and gives an overall feeling of deep relaxation and well being.
Reflexology is helpful in back,neck and shoulder problems, digestive disorders, fluid retention, sleep disturbance and stress related problems.

*Reflexology does not diagnose or claim to cure and does not take the place of medical treatment.

A course of treatment is recommended which is 5 to 6 treatments on a weekly basis, however this may not always be necessary, it very much depends on the persons problems, Sometimes even one session can be very beneficial.


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