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Rebalance Massage Mansfield

Are you in pain and feel like you've tried everything?

We all have pain and discomfort sometimes in our lives, some live with it and think it's all part of the ageing process (Not true!! I've just turned 50 and have never felt so good) And some won't accept pain (that's me!) and will do all they can to zap it from their lives.

What would it be like to be painfree? To have freedom in movement? John F Barnes Myofascial Release can do that!

Do you have that pulling sensation from one painful area to another? This is caused by restrictions in your fascia, which is connected all the way through your body. Tissue has memory, the body can store physical and emotional sensations from past traumas in the cells. Causing holding patterns and pain within the body. An old accident like whiplash you had years ago can turn into scar tissue and may cause you problems later on, Myofascial Release can restore your tissues back to the natural fluidity removing restrictions and pain.

I use a combination of treatments such as John F Barnes Myofascial Release, Scarwork, Trigger point therapy, Deep tissue Massage, Douglas Heels Muscle Activation and Reflexology. Each session is unique to the needs of the client.

This will also need a little work from you as in - Staying Present (daydreaming and chatting doesn't help! We can do that before and after) and some self treatment exercises to do at home. Not lots, but self treatment will speed up the process. It's also taken you quite a while to get all tight and painful due to posture, repetitive strain at work, stress and past traumas, so it can take a few sessions to get complete relief (it can also happen quickly by the way) With JB MFR You will feel a freeness in you mind, body and spirit you haven't felt in years!

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